Wynand & Ellré Jacobs

Called to help couples build thriving relationships

$1,200 / monthly

given of $3,550 / monthly


given of $10,000

We’ve been given a wonderful opportunity to lead the FamilyLife NZ ministry as the Executive Director couple. We are passionate about equipping families with the conversations and resources they need to build flourishing relationships. This is helping to create stable homes, which helps raise healthy adults who can bring hope to the world. The hope is to bring about the peaceful and prosperous place God originally intended.

Building successful relationships is not easy and we are not taught the basic skills of doing this in school. When the foundations of healthy relationships are not laid early, people suffer much heartbreak, conflict and anxiety in their relationships and many may even end up separated or divorced. We feel called to co-labor with God in equipping families because we believe when people develop effective relationships skills, their relationships flourish. Through the FamilyLife ministry, people get to discover the heart of Father God for their lives and marriages, and many even commit to walking with Christ as a result. 

Please prayerfully consider your partnership with us on this mission and let's see a nation thrive.